What is meant by bespoke?
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Bespoke means that you have absolute control without limitations. A bespoke kitchen must be designed for both your needs and the room. We start with a blank page and spend time understanding how you will use the kitchen now, and in the future. We also consider the property and challenges it might present. This is particularly important for older houses with uneven walls and floors, where our designers and fitters work to create a perfect fit.

Without set ranges or fixed sizes, every aspect is uniquely designed and made for your needs and tastes.

How long have you been making bespoke furniture?
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In 1998 Teresa and Nigel Hunt faced difficulties finding the perfect kitchen for their property renovation. The foundations of Hunt Bespoke Kitchens started in the creation of the kitchen they wanted. Following this success, they began taking commissions for bespoke kitchens, utility rooms and boot rooms.

Over the last 25 years the business has grown, while building an enviable reputation for beautiful design and exceptional quality.

Do you only make kitchens?
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We are well known for our handmade kitchens and utility rooms, but our skills can also be applied to any bespoke furniture project you have in mind. We can apply our skills to any space, whether you require a bedroom, dressing room, library, study, boot room, cloakroom, or wine room.

In addition, our showroom features carefully curated homewares and interior furnishings, some of which we have commissioned ourselves, or ones that can be commissioned in any fabric.

Is there a design fee?
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We offer a free initial consultation meeting. We believe this first step to be very important and we take the time to have a conversation over coffee in the showroom to understand your wishes, needs, and budget so that you get the very best design solution.

Following this meeting, we will prepare proposed layouts and a quotation. If you like our concepts and wish to proceed, we charge a fee for a detailed drawing.

How much should I budget for?
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Many variables influence the price. During our consultation, we discuss your desired features and budget to ensure transparency and prevent any unexpected costs. We quote including VAT, worktops, taps, sink, door furniture, hand-painting and fitting in the price to give you a realistic, comprehensive picture of costs.

We do, however, price appliances separately as these can vary and we will work to get you the most suitable ones for your needs.

Which areas do you cover?
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We are based in North Oxfordshire, but distance is no deterrent having delivered kitchens as far away as France. Typically, however, we work all over our surrounding counties – Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, and London.

Who will manage the project?
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From design, through to installation and final finishes, we will manage the entire process for you. We will also coordinate as required with other trades and builders you might have.

Where is the furniture made?
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All of our furniture is made at our dedicated, superbly equipped rural workshop situated on the picturesque Oxfordshire-Northamptonshire border.

As a client, you are welcome to arrange a visit to our workshop, where you can witness the intricate process of your furniture being created. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet our skilled artisans, and see first-hand the passion and expertise that goes into every piece we create.

Who will fit the finished furniture?
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All our hand-built furniture is fitted by our team of expert fitters to ensure our exacting standards are maintained across every stage of the project.

What exactly makes a kitchen ‘personal’?
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Every kitchen is unique and special to our clients. For one client, we incorporated oak from a tree on their land into their kitchen. For another, we made a bespoke door design, while one kitchen we designed around an antique dresser.

What advice would you offer when considering a bespoke kitchen?
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Communication is paramount. The best projects start with honest communication between the client and designer. Tell your designer what you like and dislike, and how you want to use your kitchen and then listen to their suggestions and ideas. Be honest about the budget too. A good company will not ask you to spend more than you need to.

Are bespoke kitchens an investment?
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Many people see their kitchen as the most important room in the house. It is often where we spend the most time. The investment is in the quality of design and craftsmanship. Our cabinets are made to endure, so our repeat customers are often those who have moved house and want a Hunts kitchen again.

We are frequently asked to refresh a Hunts kitchen with a change of paint colour, new handles and sometimes
an extra cabinet. We love this as it proves the design was right and new paint and handles are all it needs to make it feel new.